To Become an Echo. An exhibition by Michael Webster.

March 22 - May 24, 2023Crutchfield Gallery

Artist Statement

When I first arrived in Spartanburg 6 years ago, I noticed loose bricks scattered in empty lots on every block, particularly around the campus of Wofford College. These bricks were found buried in the grass and piled along the edge of properties – remnants from houses, schools, and industry. The bricks are a memory of what once was, but can they become a vision of the future?

These left behind, feral bricks are full of potential energy, and could once again become architecture serving Spartanburg. Instead of disappearing into the landscape, a patchwork quilt of bricks could become a public space. I’d like your help with envisioning the future of these bricks. Could these bricks become outdoor seating, a classroom, or a pavilion in a park? Please leave behind any contact information if you would like to offer more ideas or be involved in this endeavor, as a collective effort to build new futures benefits from input from everyone:


Instagram: @michaelwebsterstudio

Drop-In Workshops: Imagining New Public Spaces

Wednesday, May 10th: 4 - 7 pm
Crutchfield Gallery

Join local artist Michael Webster to discuss and collaborate on ideas about the future of public space in Spartanburg. Michael has been collecting loose bricks from empty lots that are soon to be re-developed, and imagines the bricks might once again become useful. Share your thoughts and ideas about how public space serves Spartanburg residents and what opportunities might arise in the future, utilizing bricks from the city’s past. All are welcome! Located in the Crutchfield Gallery on the top floor.

Brick by Michael Webster