A Chair by Any Other Name by Janet Orselli

January 18 - March 15, 2023Crutchfield Gallery

Artist Statement

Chairs, like most everyday objects, carry many associations. They are personal, unique, and have very human attributes – arms, legs, seats, backs. They are substitutes for the figure that speak of human presence or absence. I choose old chairs perhaps because they have a certain character, seem somehow vulnerable and have come in close contact with us in the most intimate of places.

A chair is static. It’s like an artist who sits in one place and watches the world go by. It’s about stopping time. As humans we seem to have the dilemma of being caught between the here and now or racing precariously towards the future.

A chair that people can’t sit upon is immediately functionless. When a known object has no obvious purpose – the question of meaning arises. There are many things that aren’t questioned in this world. My work is an attempt to actively question objective reality by making connections and establishing relationships between objects, materials and space that on the surface seem unrelated. I hope my work makes people think, question and consider new ways of seeing and experiencing the art that resides in each moment.

Get a Grip by Janet Orselli
Get a Grip
Fire Sofa by Janet Orselli
Fire Sofa
Alight by Janet Orselli