9th Annual Juried Exhibition

August 10 - October 11, 2022 at&t Exhibition Lobby

The Spartanburg County Public Libraries are sponsoring the 9th Annual Juried Exhibition that will be on display from August 10 – October 12, 2022. Please see below for the list of accepted entries.

Honorable Mention Awards

C.T. Weiss - Café de la Valencia

I am quite impressed with the strong compositional elements. Strong Shapes, even from architectural surfaces plus use of color to lead viewers through the composition.

Melissa Pinney - Sunrise on the Grid

Delicate surfaces and colors plus a tremendous use of composition.

Jane Doyle - Call of the Wild

Strong use of color combonations and gestural, confident brushwork.

Jaron Sanders - St. Francis

Illustrative in nature, the work showcases that distortion and media can improve the message. Lovely use of hatching.

Merit Awards

Cynthia Steward - Shibori Zen III

Use of color and formal balance system drew my attention. The media usage and quiet potential for Book and narrative kept bringing me back to look at it again.

Maggie Riedy - Resignation

Beautiful use of economy, Confience of the hand and observational drawing is easily something that brings me back again and again.

Kristen Applegate - Doc

Odd juxtaposition of media and message. Ceramics offers permanece, yet this image seems illustrative and even editorial, I enjoy the “print” feel and the inusia; narrative, it seems appropriate as part of an odd children’s book.

Librarians Award

Tania Ro - Girl in Blue

Friends of the Library Award

Sara Setzer - Dawn Reading at the Kitchen Table

Very Strong Style. Reminiscent of Van Gogh. I love the layering and small intimate scale. Delicate use of media, impressive.

Purchase Award

Cynthia Steward - Carolina Indigo

Overall Awards


Doug McAbee - My Business is your Business

What the what? The style is fun, the message is scary and the piece seems more like a dream than a process.


Hamed Mahmoodi - Family at Park

Color and Surface demanded my close observation. It was only afterwards able to appreciate the mature styalization and distortions. My questions became more pressing as I processed each gaze, disturbingly quiet. Each in their own world.


Janet Orselli - Sunday Driver

Fun, whimsy, and scale all work to open my personal conversation with the work. Andromorphic elements are beautifully balanced with sensitivity to color and structure. Bizarrely beautiful and a bit creepy.

9th Annual Juried Exhibition Accepted Entries

Kristen Applegate
''Doc'' & ''Aunt Pittipat''

Arielle Balkcom

Jessica Barnes
''Banana Leaves, Hatcher Garden''

Meg Barrow
''Corner of Holiday and Maple''

Leah Davis
''Secret Garden''

Katie Derhay
''Hanging Out''

Yelitza Diaz
''Little Beings, blood, or anything else you don’t want to think about.''

Gordon Dohm
''My Past Is Fading Fast''

Jane Doyle
''Call of the Wild'' & ''Feelin the Breeze''

Renee Drake

Addam Duncan
''At Last We Meet Again'' & ''Grace''

Allison Crawford Ford 
''Then I closed my eyes'' & ''Sister Mary Clarence''

Chuck Frank
''Little Red Boat''

Tedd Garner
''River Runs Through It''

Annette Giaco

Geraldine Green
''Clouds & Creeks''

Susan Hopps
''At Risk'' & ''Cock "O The Walk''

Leslie Lakes
''Birds of a Feather''

Elizabeth Loftis
''Abbey Snow''

Hamed Mahmoodi
''Family at Park''

Corey Mansfield
''Daniel’s Exhaustion''

Doug McAbee
''My Business Is Your Business'' & ''Mr. Narwhal's Magnificent Snowballs''

Morgan McCarver
''The Clay of My Roots''

Magen McClintock
''Accidental Beauty''

Aldo Muzzarelli 
''The Flight of the Butterfly'' & ''Anderson Mill, Spartanburg''

Anastasia Muzzarelli

Mable Ni
''In the Moon Cactus’s Last Breath'' & ''Serenade''

Destiny Faith Oliphant 
''Bold Bantu''

Janet T Orselli 
''Roof Overhead'' & ''Sunday Driver''

Shannon Patrick
''Clam Creek II''

Melissa Pinney
''Sunrise on the Grid''

James Pittman
''Crimson Echoes'' & ''Snowy Road''

Christina Ramsey
''Call of the Wild'' & ''Toxic Butterfly''

Chuck Reback

Maggie Riedy

Tania Ro
''Girl in Blue'' & ''Naturaleza Frida''

Jaron Sanders
''St. Francis''

Carlos M Villanueva Senchuk 
''City of Tuscani''

Sara Dame Setzer
''Dawn Reading at Kitchen Counter with Cat'' & ''Time to Buy New Toothbrushes (Patriots) - Midas Touched''

Cynthia Steward 
''Shibori Zen III'' & ''Carolina Indigo''

Alex Tackney
''In Good Spirits'' & ''Stranger Crossing''

Lynne Tanner

Doris Turner
''Rabbit Hole'' & ''Shadows''

C.T. Weiss 
''Cafe de la Calle Valencia''

Maia Weissenberger
''Orchid 1''

Aimee Wise

Juror: Shane Howell

Spartanburg County Public Libraries 9th Annual Juried Exhibition’s juror is Shane Howell. Shane is the head of Greenville Technical College’s Department of Visual Arts. He received his MFA in sculpture from Clemson University and a BS from the University of Southern Indiana. He has received several teaching awards during his 27-year career in higher education including the NISOD Excellence Award in 2021. He has participated in numerous area exhibitions including a solo exhibition at Riverworks Gallery in Greenville, SC and 2022 “Emergence” at The Bascom Highlands, NC.

Shane Howell. Head of Greenville Technical College’s Department of Visual Arts. Juror 9th Annual Juried Exhibition.

View the 9th Annual Juried Exhibition Prospectus below for eligibility and requirements.

For more information contact Miranda Mims Sawyer at 864.285.9091.

Dates To Remember:
Accepting Entries Online:
May 13 - June 15
Artists Notified:
July 7
Drop Off Dates:
August 1 - 4; 10am - 4pm
Exhibition Dates:
August 10 - October 12
September 17; 7 - 9pm
Pick Up Dates:
October 17 - 20; 10am - 4pm
1st Place, 8th Annual Juried Exhibition, Aldo Muzzarelli, 'Prejudiced Rain', Mixed Media

1st Place, 8th Annual Juried Exhibition
Aldo Muzzarelli, Prejudiced Rain, Mixed Media

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