10th Annual Juried Exhibition

July 26 - September 26, 2023at&t Exhibition Lobby

The Spartanburg County Public Libraries are sponsoring the 10th Annual Juried Exhibition that will be on display from July 26 – September 26, 2023 in the at&t Exhibition Lobby at the Headquarters Library. Please see below for awards and accepted entries.


Griffin Cordell
"Eat Your Cake and Make A Wish"


Kelsey Moore


Katy Cassell

Friends Award

Chusak Majorone
"We Are All On Thin Ice"

Librarian’s Award

Ella Raewyn Mackinson

Purchase Award

Doug Sanders
"Valley of Imagined Lives"

Merit Awards

Meg Barrow
"Vera’s Café"

Frank Mayes
"Loggerhead, Space Train and Worm Hole"

Doug Sanders
"Valley of Imagined Lives"

Honorable Mention Awards

Hanna Abu-Judom
"No Mercury Mercy"

David Datwyler
"Baccus Dilemma"

Mary Beth Noble

Mable Ni
"Eggroll Land"


10th Annual Juried Exhibition Accepted Entries

Hanna Abu-Judom
“No Mercury Mercy”

Meg Barrow
“Vera’s Café”

Terri Bright

Alcine Burow
“In the Blue”

Caroline Calder
“Happy Days”

Tami Cardnella
“Southern Peaches”

Katy Cassell
“Nestleate” & “Pearlescence”

KC Christmas
“Standing Together”

Catherine Conrad
“The Queen’s Vestments”

Griffin Cordell
“Eat Your Cake and Make a Wish”

Scott Cunningham

David Datwyler
“Bacchus Dilemma”

Mary Owens Davidson
“The Purveyor”

Tiffany Demint
“Glendale Tower”

Adam Duncan

Mia Easler
“Happy 20th”

Marcell Easter
“Venice Laundry”

Andrea Elliott
“Cup of Joe”

Terry Ferguson
“Reflections on Space”

Tedd Garner
“Autumn Leaf”

Miranda Graham

Gerri Green
“Over the Blue Ridge”

Brianna Greer
“Hela Venus”

Christina Heffernan

Lottie Hutson
“Put the Shovel Down”

Tyffani Jensen
“Romans 6:20-21” & “Romans 7:18-20”

Frankie Kellum
“Botany Bay”

Flavia Lovatelli
“Coral 18”

Cameron Lusk
“The Elegy”

Kendell Lusk

Ella Raewyn Mackinson

Hamed Mahmoodi
“Bee Keeper”

Chusak Majarone
“We Are All Standing on Thin Ice”

Frank Mayes
“Loggerhead, Space Train and Worm Hole”

Glen Miller
“Appalachian Birdsong; Mourning Dove”

Kelsey Moore

Aldo Muzzarelli
“The Flight of the Dead Dove”

Anastasia Muzzarelli

Mable Ni
“Eggroll Land”

Merry-Beth Noble

Ralph Paquin
“Knitters Love Knot” & “PsychoKnotic”

Shannon Patrick
“Sifting Sand”

Melissa Pinney
“Rusting Away”

Christina Ramsey
“Sunrise at Sassafras 2”

Chuck Reback
“Zabriskie Point”

Jo Carol Mitchell-Rogers
“A Capacity for Hope”

Ryan Roth
“Neo Feudalism”

Doug Sanders
“Discovery of the Mysterious Machine at Cactus Flats” & “Valley”

Kaye Savage
“Jones Gap Woods”

Jan Scott
“Girl With Turquoise Scarf”

Micheal Shoolbred

Lynne Tanner
“Gap in the Trees”

Mary Verrandeaux
“Marsh Spirit”

Erica Watson
“Stairway to the Flip Side”

CT Weiss
“Las Pintadas”

Ann Wenz
“COVID Landscape”

John Wiens
“57 Chevy Chrome”

Caroline Young
“Gift of Stillness”

Suzanne Zoole
“Three Girls”

Juror: Doug McAbee

Doug McAbee learned to weld at age 7. While his imagination was running wild, his father began teaching him practical construction methods with steel. The sense of play and exploration he valued then is still with him as he creates whimsical and organic drawings and sculptures.

Doug was born in Spartanburg, SC on January 4, 1972 and he grew up there as well. He earned his MFA at Winthrop University and works as Professor of Art at Lander University in Greenwood, SC. He lives out in the middle of nowhere with his family and their dogs and he creates drawings and sculptures when he’s not teaching.

Doug is interested in using humor, color, and narrative in his artwork. His father was a great storyteller and Doug is interested in the power of imagery and story in his visual communication with viewers. Doug creates indoor and outdoor murals, as well as indoor and outdoor sculptures and sometimes exhibits them together in immersive visual experiences in galleries.

He was also raised by wolves.

Doug McAbee, Photo. Professor of Art, Lander University. Juror, 10th Annual Juried Exhibition.

Gary McAbee, Photo with Artwork. Professor of Art, Lander University. Juror, 10th Annual Juried Exhibition.

View the 10th Annual Juried Exhibition Prospectus below for eligibility and requirements.

For more information contact Miranda Mims Sawyer at 864.285.9091.

Dates To Remember:
Accepting Entries Online:
June 1 - 30
Artists Notified:
July 10
Drop Off Dates:
July 17 - 20;
10am - 4pm
Exhibition Dates:
July 26 - September 26
September 16
Pick Up Dates:
October 2 - 4;
10am - 4pm
1st Place, 9th Annual Juried Exhibition, Janet Orselli, 'Sunday Driver', Sculpture

1st Place, 9th Annual Juried Exhibition
Janet Orselli, Sunday Driver, Sculpture

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