Strategic Planning & Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to be Spartanburg County’s leading provider of information, entertainment, and exploration.

Our Mission

We inspire people to pursue lifelong learning for a thriving Spartanburg County.

Our Values

  • We value intellectual freedom.
  • We value lifelong learning.
  • We value equitable service.
  • We value the responsible use of resources.
  • We value welcoming and safe spaces.
  • We value creativity, play, and exploration.
  • We value diversity and inclusion.

Our Goals

Programs Address community needs and interests through inclusive programs that engage, educate, and entertain.
Staff Select and support an innovative, diverse staff whose goal is compassionate public service.
CollectionCurate collections that connect people, ideas, and information and preserve the full history of Spartanburg County.
EnvironmentProvide an environment that is equitable, welcoming, and safe for all.