Adult Summer Reading 2019 - Main St

Adult Summer Reading 2019

June 1st - July 31st

Adult Summer Reading is back this year, and it’s better than ever! SCPL Adult Summer Reading is open for business from June 1st to July 31st. Stop in at any branch to join the fun!

How ASR works

Participating in Adult Summer Reading is really simple! To join the fun, pick up a challenge card at your local branch. When you complete six of the ten challenges, bring it back to your branch for your prize pack, which includes a voucher for a Greenville Drive baseball game ticket! A grand prize drawing will be held for everyone who blacks out their card and completes all ten challenges.

What we’re doing

Across our 10 branches, SCPL is holding over 125 programs this summer for adults, from exercise classes & craft programs to book discussions and film screenings! Every branch has its own program listings that you can pick up so you can keep track of what’s going on at your library. You can even create your own program at home by checking out one of our Makeaway Kits!