SpartanCon Artists’ Alley Call for Submissions

SpartanCon is a celebration of sci-fi, fantasy, horror and graphic novels that will take place at the Spartanburg County Public Libraries Headquarters on September 16, 2017from 1pm to 5pm. SpartanCon is meant to highlight the libraries’ smaller but very popular collections for adults. In addition to authors, a cosplay contest and other programming, SpartanCon includes an Artists’ Alley.

An artists’ alley is a con area designated for artists, crafters, authors and vendors to showcase and sell their wares. Even the earliest cons had artists’ alleys, and they are considered a staple at cons because of their variety and the amount of exposure artists may receive.

The Artists’ Alley at SpartanCon helps to highlight the different aspects of SpartanCon, from writing to cosplay to sci-fi artwork. The Artists’ Alley is a great way for us to support and highlight local artists, especially those who are interested in con culture.

A grand total of $0. All members of the Artists’ Alley will also keep any profits from the sales of their wares.

First and foremost, we’re looking for artists and authors whose work fits the theme of SpartanCon (Sci-fi! Fantasy! Horror! Graphic novels!). We will consider all types of media, from painting and drawing to buttons, jewelry and other three dimensional materials. And although this event is for adults, the library will be open to the public on September 16, 2017, so we want our artists to display artwork that is suitable for all ages. If you bring in any inappropriate artwork, we will ask you to remove it from your table or leave the con.

Take a look at your wares. Does what you create belong with SpartanCon? If you’re saying yes, send us your info and three samples of your work. All the information is at the end of this page. If you email additional photos of your work, you will automatically be rejected, so please only send samples through the official form. Please submit your artwork by June 30, 2017. We will not accept any submissions after this date.

You will hear back by July 15, 2017 at the latest.

Of course there are! Anyone accepted to the Artists’ Alley will need to be here for the entirety of the event, so check your calendar and make sure September 16, 2017 is clear. While the library will be providing table space for you to showcase your wares, we will not be liable for any damage, theft or other harm that may occur to you or your wares. Photography is a consistent presence at SpartanCon, and you must be comfortable with you and your artwork being in official SpartanCon photographs. Attendees may also take photos in the Artists’ Alley, though not directly of your artwork. You must be comfortable with photography in and around your booth. If you are accepted to the Artists’ Alley, you will be required to complete and sign an Artists’ Alley Agreement, which will be considered binding. Read the full SpartanCon Artists' Alley Agreement. We will send you an Agreement to fill out, but your acceptance into the Artists’ Alley is only binding once you receive a countersigned copy of the Agreement from us.

All SpartanCon attendees, vendors and staff are subject to our Code of Conduct. To maintain a safe, happy environment, SpartanCon and library staff reserve the right to ask anyone breaking the Code to leave the con.