Remembering 9/11: 20 Years Later

September 11th

On September 11, 2001 the nation experienced the loss of 2,983 people in coordinated attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the crash of United Airlines Flight 93 in Pennsylvania. For those that were old enough to remember this day, it has been forever etched in our memories. Join SCPL as we remember this tragic day and reflect on how it has impacted our world today. Below is a list of weblinks and resources from the collection.

9/11 Memorial & Museum Poster Exhibit on Display

During the month of September SCPL will be hosting a poster exhibit from the 9/11 Memorial & Museum at four of our library locations:

  • Headquarters
  • Cyrill-Westside
  • Middle Tyger
  • Pacolet

This poster exhibit was made possible by a partnership between the 9/11 Memorial & Museum and the National Endowment for Humanities and will be on display starting August 30 – October 1, 2021.