The Beauty of Nature of the Western Carolinas. September 16-November 18, 2020.

"The forests of the Western Carolinas envelop us with their solitude and serenity. Above the whispering winds and twittering birds, a rumble draws us witness a majestic waterfall, a rushing cascade, or a bubbling stream. The water beckons us to follow, and soon we emerge upon beautiful vistas, replete with sunrises, sunsets, and rainbows and night skies. We look to the Piedmont and reflect upon our enchanted home, where flora and fauna explode in Nature's riot of color and diversity...wrought by God and the hand of man. As photographers, we are privileged to capture this elegance, both to preserve our memories and to share with others."

~The Artists' Collective Statement about The Beauty of Nature of the Western Carolinas

The Artists

Jack is retired and lives in Upstate South Carolina. He is a self-taught photographer with a love of nature and the outdoors. His passion for photography and travel takes him throughout the Western Carolinas and Western United States. He focuses primarily on close-ups of wildlife and landscapes. His goals are to continue building his photographic and wildlife behavior skillsets. Jack is currently serving his second term as President of the Spartanburg Photography Guild.

Jack Spoon Photography
Halphen Photography

Light feeds Paul’s fascination with photography. And, nowhere is light more important than in creating beautiful images of the natural settings around us. Our Western Carolinas area is replete with opportunities to see and capture images of nature in its stunning glory, allowing many hours of joy behind the camera.

Paul is VP of the Spartanburg Photography Guild and its representative to the Photographic Society of America (PSA). He's also a member of the Carolina Nature Photographers' Association, and is its PSA rep for the Interclub Print Competition.

Ken Toney Photography

Ken is a retired restaurant owner with 50 years of photographic experience. After getting his first camera in 1965 he has since been an avid photographer. Ken does corporate photography and, until just recently, weddings and events. He is a certified FAA drone pilot. Ken is also a retired volunteer firefighter with 20 years of experience and has been a volunteer Coroner Investigator since 1969. Ken is past president of Spartanburg Photography Guild.

Mike Wojcik has been a photographer for over 45 years. Photography is both a personal outlet and a method of self-discovery. He has shot professionally, and taught professional and technical photography. His passion is shooting macro, family and still surprisingly, film photography. Mike runs Spartan Photo Center, Inc, which is the last full service camera store in South Carolina. He is the Chairman of the Board for Spartanburg Photography Guild.

Mike Wojcik Photography